Friday, May 2, 2014

A Last Good Bye to College...!!

My Good Bye Note on the eve of Farewell Party.

“There are times when silence speaks so much more loudly than words of praise, to only as good as belittle person, whose words do not express, but only put a veneer over true feelings, which are of gratitude at this point of time...!!”

     On behalf of the whole B.E. Computer Batch 2013-14 of Gokhale Education Society's College of Engineering, Management Studies & Research, Nashik, I would like to say "Thank You", to all the Staff members, Teaching & Non-Teaching Faculty Members of the College as well as the Department of Computer.

      I would like to thank all the Teachers for their efforts they put in to bring us to a position where we stand today, they molded us into what we are today. They patted us when we achieved, held us when we stumbled, advised us when we faced problems, guided us when we were in doubt and above all showed their unconditional love on us.

     I would like to thank all my friends & colleagues with whom I have spent the 4 years of my life. We all have spent a very memorable days here. Completing journals, doing programs, tackling exams, submissions, results and much more, all these things are going to be there in our memories for the rest of our lives. It was indeed a great fortune and pleasure to be here with you all.

     I would like to thank all my Juniors for orchestrating such a beautiful and memorable Farewell Party for us. I may be late to say this, but still I would like to Congratulate you all for organizing a successful IGNITRA 2014, and carrying forward the legacy of IGNITRA, which we have started. Hope you all have a great time ahead.

Thank You one and all ...!!


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